Hydrolab Water Purification Systems Supporting Environmental Research

Scientist working in Hydrolab laboratory

Speak to 100 different lab users about water in the lab and you’ll get 100 different examples of how water is used, and the quality of the water needed. Most labs need to use purified water of some kind for various applications, but the level of water purification will differ for everyone, depending on the use. Hydrolab water purification systems stand as a cornerstone in achieving these objectives, offering advanced technology tailored to diverse laboratory needs while prioritising environmental sustainability. While small independent labs often order bottles of lab water in, most laboratories prefer an in-house water purification system. This quickly saves on consumables costs, as well as reducing the amount of plastic waste and emissions generated.

Hydrolab water purification systems, distributed in the UK by Richmond Scientific, are renowned for their versatility and efficiency in delivering water of different purity levels required for distinct laboratory tasks. From basic rinsing to highly sensitive analytical procedures, Hydrolab systems provide solutions across the spectrum.

Type 3 Water for General Laboratory Applications:

Type 3 water, produced by Hydrolab systems, serves as a reliable choice for routine laboratory tasks such as glassware rinsing, media preparation, and general equipment cleaning. This level of water purity, while not suitable for critical analytical procedures, meets the demands of everyday lab operations efficiently. By utilising Type 3 water for these purposes, laboratories can minimise their environmental footprint by reducing the consumption of single-use plastic bottles and lowering overall water usage.

Type 2 Water for Instrumentation and Buffer Preparation:

For applications demanding higher purity levels, such as preparing buffers or feeding laboratory instrumentation, Type 2 water generated by Hydrolab systems proves invaluable. With enhanced purification processes, Type 2 water ensures minimal interference in sensitive experiments while maintaining cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability. By utilising purified water from Hydrolab systems, laboratories can optimise their workflows, enhance experimental reproducibility, and contribute to environmental conservation by reducing chemical waste.

Type 1 Ultrapure Water for Analytical Procedures:

In analytical laboratories where precision is paramount, Type 1 ultrapure water from Hydrolab systems becomes indispensable. Engineered to meet the most stringent purity requirements, Type 1 water eliminates impurities that could compromise the accuracy and reliability of analytical results. Whether for chromatography, mass spectrometry, or molecular biology applications, Hydrolab Type 1 water ensures the integrity of experiments while minimising environmental impact through efficient water utilisation and waste reduction.

The adoption of Hydrolab water purification systems not only enhances laboratory efficiency and accuracy but also aligns with the principles of environmental stewardship. By investing in these systems, laboratories in the UK can significantly reduce their reliance on single-use plastics, minimise water wastage, and decrease chemical pollution, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

In conclusion, Hydrolab water purification systems, distributed by Richmond Scientific in the UK, offer a comprehensive solution for laboratory water purification needs. From Type 3 water for general applications to Type 1 ultrapure water for analytical procedures, these systems empower laboratories to achieve their research goals while upholding environmental responsibility. Embracing Hydrolab technology not only ensures the quality and reliability of laboratory results but also reinforces the commitment to sustainable practices in scientific endeavours.

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