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At Richmond Scientific, we are committed to ensuring that our overseas customers receive the same levels of professional advice, flexibility, fair pricing and timely service as their UK counterparts when exporting equipment. 

When shipping equipment overseas, we take pride in ensuring that your products are handled by our  trusted staff through every stage of the process, from assessment and testing to packing and speedy delivery.

Export Experts


Secure Packing

No expense spared materials and crates used to ensure safe passage 


Peace of Mind

Have confidence your instrument will show up unharmed and ready for commissioning 


Great Value 

We strive to be as competitive as possible with shipping calculations

We ship to

Case Studies

Fume cupboard being lifted using cherry picker
Case Studies

Case Study: Oxford Clearance

No job is too big, no door is too small! Read about how cherry pickers were used to remove fume cupboards from this first story lab prior to the building being demolished.

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