A&D are leading manufacturers of equipment used in laboratories around the world. Known for precision, high build quality and exceptional value for money, their flagship products include balances, thickness gauges, and material testing machines.

At Richmond Scientific we are proud be ambassadors for this fantastic brand. Give us a call if you are interested in fitting your lab out with some A&D equipment. We promise, you’ll never look back! 


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About A&D

Founded in the 1970s, A&D have been manufacturing and distributing measuring equipment for over 40 years and are the trusted name in a wide range of laboratory and medical measuring apparatus. They are headquartered in Japan, and currently have over 15 regional head offices around the world.

A And D FZ-3000i-WP-EC precision balance with digital display. Six raised buttons, from left to right, ON and OFF, Calibrate, Mode, Sample, Print, RE-Zero.
New A And D gf-1003a external calibration precision balance

measuring instruments

A&D manufacture a wide range of measuring equipment, used in research, development, medicine and industry. They make a comprehensive range of balances and scales, from industrial platform scales down to microscale benchtop top pan balances.

They have extensive experience in precision tools, including width gauges, pipettes and rheometers. They also manufacture a range of universal testing machines used extensively to test materials to conform with ISO standards across a number of applications.

Our Focus

At Richmond Scientific, we are most interested in the supply of laboratory balances. A&D are world renowned for manufacturing precise and reliable equipment and our customers cherish their balances for years. A&D offer 4 years manufacturers warranty – a sure sign of their self confidence and customer focussed approach. 


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