Hydrolab Water Purification Systems

Hydrolab provide quality laboratory water purification systems using the most up to date filtration and radiation technologies available. All new Hydrolab water purification systems meet ISO 9001: 2015 in both design and production, and come with two years manufacturer warranty, meaning you can rely on them for quality and effectiveness.

Hydrolab water purification systems

Hydrolab Water Purification Systems

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Grades of Laboratory Water

Different applications in the lab require different grades of water. Purifying water requires energy, and costs money, and it can be difficult to find the balance between sourcing the purification system that you need, without using a system that is surplus to your needs. Potable (tap) water can be purified to various levels, depending on the requirement. Grade III water is produced by reverse osmosis, resulting in primary grade water for filling water baths and autoclaves, and washing beakers, for example. Grade II water is used for diluting buffer solutions or reagents, while Grade I water (ultra-pure) water is used to analytical work such as HPLC for example, or preparing mammalian cell cultures.

Which water purifier do I need?

At Richmond Scientific we stock a range of water purification systems, and our dedicated sales team is on hand to help you make the right decision. The ULTRA systems are ideal for users who need type I, but already have a supply of Type III water in the lab. The HLP system is one of the most popular systems for taking tap water and producing ultra-pure (type I) water that meets ISO 3696:1999 for analysis. Meanwhile, the Spring systems are able to produce the grade of water needed, being fed only from tap water, but with the added benefit of downloadable data for full accountability.

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