Hydrolab Ultra Water Purification System

The Ultra water purification system produces ultrapure Type I water, suitable for microbiological, analytical and pharmaceutical applications. Requires a Type III feed supply.

Choose the standard model, or upgrade to include UV and/or ultrafiltration.

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Lead time: Usually 4-6 weeks


The Hydrolab Ultra water purifier produces Type I water, from an inlet feed of Type II or Type III. It uses an ion exchange module, 254 nm UV lamp, and microfiltration capsule as standard, with the option to upgrade to an additional 185 nm UV lamp and additional ultrafiltration module.

The Ultra is fitted with an intuitive full-colour touchscreen controller. The system can provide full details of both the inlet and outlet water, including temperature and conductivity. The advanced controller provides full information for ultimate reporting and accountability, making it ideal for sensitive work where technical parameters of both the feed and outlet water need to be reported accurately. Units are also fitted with alarms, which sound when modules need replacing.

Since it requires feed water of at least Type III, the Ultra series is ideal for use in laboratories with a pre-existing water purification system, or in conjunction with a pre-treatment system (such as the Hydrolab Technical).

Features of the Hydrolab Ultra Series

  • Purifies water to Type I using with the option to include a UV 185 nm UV lamp and ultrafiltration
  • Double demineralisation using a mixed ion resin to produce water with conductivity < 0.06 μS/cm
  • 254 nm UV lamp, with the option to add an additional 185 nm UV lamp
  • Optional ultrafiltration module
  • Full colour touchscreen provides data on the temperature and conductivity of both inlet and outlet water, as well as the current date and time, current system status, tank fill level, water dosing, and service schedule overview
  • Audio and visual alarms for replacement of modules and lamps
  • Includes 10 L water storage tank, supply and outlet connectors. Works on standard tap pressure, so can be installed by the user, without the requirement for specialist plumbing
  • 24 months manufacturer warranty


  • Ultra: Unit includes an ion exchange TOC module, photooxidation module (254 nm), microfiltration capsule
  • Ultra UV: As Ultra, plus 185/254 UV module
  • Ultra UF: As Ultra UV, plus ultrafiltration module



Hydrolab Water Purification Systems Brochure

Additional information

Weight20 kg
Dimensions23.5 × 47 × 57 cm




Ultra, Ultra UV, Ultra UF

Lead Time

Lead time: Usually 4-6 weeks


2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Hydrolab Water Purification Systems Brochure

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