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Richmond Scientific are the only UK supplier of Pol-Eko scientific equipment. If you can’t see the model you are looking for on our website, give us a call – we can order in custom units to meet your requirements exactly.

pol-eko smart laboratory equipment

About Pol-Eko


Pol-Eko have been manufacturing quality laboratory equipment for over 30 years. Based in Poland, Pol-Eko are recognised for their commitment to quality and innovative equipment. Most Pol-Eko laboratory equipment is built to spec, tailored to the customer’s needs, with the option to choose the most appropriate controller for you application, add additional ports or sensors, and more. Call the team on 01257 270433 to discuss your requirements, or order online.

Smart and Smart Pro Controllers

Most of the equipment from Pol-Eko can be fitted with either the Smart or Smart PRO controllers. Whichever option you use, the controllers feature a full-colour touch screen which can be operated with gloves on, and feature USB and LAN ports for data transfer.

The controllers are designed to be easy to use, with an intuitive icon based interface. The controllers are used to easily set, change and monitor temperature programs, while providing functions such as ramp times and programmable presets. They record events such as temperature fluctuations and door opening times, and make the data easily downloadable for reporting and monitoring.

All of the controllers have alarm bars monitoring temperature, and easy to read displays that are designed to be easily visible from across the lab. The current time and date is always displayed, as is relevant information such as program status, fan operation and internal temperatures.

For a full comparison of Smart and Smart PRO controllers, click here for page 17 of the Pol-Eko brochure

Labelled Diagram showing Features of the Pol-Eko Smart Pro Controller

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