Revolutionise Your Lab with Customisable Multi-Chamber Thermostatic Cabinets

Three modular Pol-Eko devices.

In the world of scientific research, efficiency and organisation are key factors in achieving successful outcomes. Richmond Scientific is proud to introduce a game-changing solution that can help laboratories of all sizes maximise their potential. Our multi-chamber thermostatic cabinets, brought to you by Pol-Eko, are designed to revolutionise your laboratory environment. These cabinets seamlessly integrate cooled incubators, refrigerators, and/or freezers into one unit, making them perfect for a wide range of applications. What sets these cabinets apart is their high degree of customisability, offering the flexibility to cater to the unique needs of your laboratory.

Modular Multi-Chamber Cabinets

Pol-Eko multi-chamber thermostatic cabinets are the epitome of modular lab equipment. Researchers can now combine different models of cooled incubators, refrigerators, and freezers within a single unit. This modular approach not only saves valuable floor space but also provides a convenient and organised setup for your laboratory.

Custom Lab Equipment Built to Order

One of the standout features of Pol-Eko lab equipment is the ability to customise many aspects of the cabinet according to your laboratory’s specific requirements. These units are built to order, meaning that you have the freedom to choose the configuration that suits your needs perfectly. Need additional ports, power sockets, or sensors integrated into the cabinet? No problem. You can tailor the cabinets to accommodate these additions seamlessly. Whether you’re working in a biotech lab, a pharmaceutical facility, or any other research environment, custom lab equipment is a game-changer that can optimise your workflow.

Opt for the Smart or Smart Pro Controller

Pol-Eko offers you the choice between the Smart and Smart Pro controllers for your multi-chamber thermostatic cabinets. The Smart controller is an excellent option for users looking for a straightforward and user-friendly interface. It provides essential control and monitoring features for precise temperature management. On the other hand, the Smart Pro controller is a step up, offering advanced functionality, data logging, and connectivity options for more demanding applications. The choice is yours.

Laboratory Space Saving

Laboratories often struggle with space constraints, making it challenging to accommodate various pieces of equipment. With Pol-Eko’s multi-chamber thermostatic cabinets, you can now save valuable space while still having access to the equipment you need. By consolidating cooled incubators, refrigerators, and freezers into a single unit, you can streamline your lab layout and create a more organised and efficient workspace. Say goodbye to clutter and wasted space and embrace a more streamlined laboratory.

Organize Labs with Multiple Users or Multiple Projects

These multi-chamber cabinets are a brilliant solution for labs with multiple users or concurrent projects. With the ability to customise and configure each chamber to different temperature and humidity conditions, researchers can work seamlessly side by side without interfering with each other’s experiments. The ease of organisation and control is invaluable for labs that need to manage multiple projects concurrently.

Richmond Scientific is delighted to introduce Pol-Eko’s multi-chamber thermostatic cabinets as the next evolution in laboratory equipment. These cabinets offer unmatched customisability, allowing you to configure your lab space exactly as you need it. By consolidating cooled incubators, refrigerators, and freezers, you can save space and streamline your lab operations. Whether you have multiple users or diverse projects, these cabinets can help you manage your laboratory more efficiently. Embrace the future of laboratory organization and efficiency with our modular, custom-built, and space-saving multi-chamber thermostatic cabinets from Pol-Eko. Contact Richmond Scientific today on 01257 270433 to discuss how these cabinets can transform your research environment.

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