The Who, What and Why of HPLC

Purple line drawing of three HPLC systems

Find more information about HPLC analysis – What is HPLC, and what is it used for? Plus an overview of the main parts of a HPLC system

Buying a Used FT-IR Spectrometer

Close up of FT-IR diamond ATR

Why should you consider buying a used FT-IR instrument vs new? Read more about how to choose the best second-hand FT-IR spectrometer for your lab.

Science Jokes


Somebody asked me recently if there were any good chemistry puns left.
I said, “ionestly don’t know.”

We hope you enjoy our collection of terrible science jokes and ridiculous chemistry puns…

Spotlight on SNOL

Snol logo over a muffle furnace

Find out more about laboratory ovens and furnaces from Snol – Compare all models, and see controller options for a fully customisable heating solution for your lab.

How to choose a laboratory balance

Sample being added to analytical balance

Top ten things to consider when buying a new laboratory balance. There are thousands of different scientific balances on the market, so how can you decide which balance is most suitable for your lab?

Sell Used HPLC Systems

HPLC system with computer in laboratory

It couldn’t be easier to sell used HPLC equipment to Richmond Scientific. Selling used laboratory equipment is quick and hassle free – Get a no-obligation quote for your unwanted HPLC system today.

How to Choose the Best Muffle Furnace

Nabertherm muffle furnace with tongs and sample

What is a muffle furnace used for? And what are the different types of laboratory muffle furnaces available? Looking for advice on how to choose the best muffle furnace for your application? Read on to compare the different types of muffle furnaces

Environmental Chambers: Which to Choose?

Inside of climatic chamber. Chamber has two shelves, red seals, and viewing window

Comparison guide to the wide range of Pol-Eko climatic chambers available at Richmond Scientific. What is the difference between different environmental chambers? And which chamber is best for your application?

Reducing the energy used by ULT freezers in the lab

Photo of frozen blood samplers

Today we’re turning the spotlight up on ultra-low temperature freezers. They are energy intensive pieces of kit, found in thousands of laboratories around the world, and while they’re absolutely vital for a large number of applications, there are things we can do to collectively reduce the amount of energy they consume.