Pol-Eko Smart Climatic Chambers are a serious contender in the modern market. They provide a degree of networking and quality of life enhancements that make using them a real breeze.

Here at Richmond, we are passionate about connecting our customers with these high quality brands which provide great value and excellent design.

Pol-Eko has been providing high quality and reliable equipment, designed in accordance with European standards, for over 25 years. Pol-Eko are able to offer their products at an attractive price, whilst rivalling the high quality of major competitors. Each device manufactured by Pol-Eko undergoes a series of tests and procedures based on ISO standards. This ensures the utmost quality every time. 

Pol-Eko smart climatic chambers

We understand that reliable and reproducible test results mean everything to our customers. Pol-Eko climate chambers provide consistency and reliability during climate testing. They are capable of simulating the widest range of environmental conditions. In each Pol-Eko chamber, temperature and humidity are distributed homogeneously and stably over the entire test period. Precise maintenance of constant environmental conditions ensures reliable testing every time. 

Criteria to help you validate the right climate chamber

Climatic chambers are an essential tool for testing the properties of materials in many industries.. Pol-Eko Climatic chambers come in a variety of specifications to account for these different applications. Consider the following when choosing yours:

  • Accurate temperature control: Only under constant temperature conditions maintained over a long period of time can material properties be subject to perfect assessment 
  • Light control and homogeneous distribution: In photostability tests, for example, the entire inner chamber should be evenly illuminated, with a balanced ratio of UVA radiation and natural light. Pol Eko chambers with Phytotron over shelf lighting provide this.
  • Active humidification and dehumidification: Rely on the most flexible solutions possible with or without direct connection to the water supply. Another important factor is the rapid response time for steam humidification 
  • Ease of access: The complete inner chamber should be easily accessible and ideally located at chest height for easy sample loading
  • Accurate measurement and logging – whether you are using internal measurement recording or an independent measuring system, both solutions have to deliver reliable results that can be readily analysed in subsequent steps. 

‘Smart’ and ‘Smart Pro’ controllers

Pol-Eko also offer ‘Smart’ and ‘Smart Pro’ controllers. These have been added to all climatic chambers, increasing the simplicity of use in your application. Smart controllers offer the same simplicity with the use of the climatic chamber, as the use of a smart phone – even when wearing gloves! The password protected controller makes use of over 150 icons, simplifying the operation, increasing convenience for the customer, highlighted further by the possibility to personalise configuration. 

Choosing the quality option…

Be sure to choose the quality option – evaluate the constant climate chamber on the basis of these criteria and you will find the right model for your application. Constant temperature, humidity and light intensity can only be achieved through consistent quality. Contact us at Richmond Scientific and we will discuss the right option for you.

Interesting applications of climatic chambers 

Climatic chambers are utilised in many different industries, for various applications.

  • Pharmaceutical industry – stability testing for pharmaceutical products 

Before drugs can be approved, they are required to meet defined quality standards, therefore extensive tests are carried out, some of which utilise climatic chambers. An example of which is to determine expiry dates of drugs using stability testing. 

  • Automotive industry – delamination 

Touch-sensitive operation is becoming increasingly more common in the automotive industry. In the past, touch films have been known to fail during climatic testing, with bubbles forming in the boundary layer. Film bonding is subjected to a stress test that simulates long-term behaviours under harsher environmental conditions in order to test the adhesion of bonds. 

  • The Department of Export Agriculture (DEA) in Sri Lanka

The DEA is responsible for the research and development by means of productivity, production and quality improvements of a number of export agricultural crops, such as cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, citronella, coffee etc. The Cinnamon Research Station was set up with the mission to plan and implement appropriate R+D programmes to enhance productivity and quality of cinnamon and citronella. 

Research programmes carried out using climatic chambers include: 

  • Fertiliser studies on growth, yield and quality of cinnamon 
  • Studies of bio-pesticides on insects and diseases for cinnamon plants at nursery stage 
  • Vegetative propagation and in vitro propagation of high yielding cinnamon selections
  • and many more….

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