Pol-Eko Laboratory Incubators

Pol-Eko Laboratory Incubators

Richmond Scientific stock a wide range of Pol-Eko laboratory incubators for microbiology, cell culture, insect and plant growth, biochemical and pharmaceutical work. See our full range of cooled incubators if you need refrigeration, or read our buyers guide to choosing the best Pol-Eko incubator for your application.

Pol-Eko lab incubators come in a wide range of sizes, with options for refrigeration, temperature range, and programming. All Pol-Eko incubators come fitted with an intuitive controller allowing for easy control and reporting. Read more about the Pol-Eko Smart and Smart Pro controller options here.

If you would like to speak to someone about the best laboratory incubator for your needs, give the team a call on 01257 270433 or email [email protected]

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