Lab Clearance Case Study: Surrey to Budapest

Lisa wrapping equipment for transporting overseas

Lab Equipment Logistics

Experts in lab clearance, Nick and the team have spent a week in Surry preparing and packing a massive amount of lab equipment for relocation overseas. The lab needed a company with expertise in adequately packing and transporting large laboratory equipment including fume hoods, ovens and freezers, as well as furniture and a whole range of smaller equipment.

Lisa using forklift to move large autoclave

Transferring Frozen Samples

Amongst the equipment were a number of ULT freezers with samples that needed transporting. Nick worked with the management team at both sites to ensure the freezers and samples arrived safely at their new home roughly 1000 miles away in Budapest.

Inside of ULT freezer. Moving frozen samples from UK to Hungary

Lab Clearance and Relocation Specialists

At Richmond Scientific we have over 30 years’ experience in moving sensitive laboratory equipment. We’re able to package equipment and arrange all the relevant export documentation for you, if required. We regularly support labs when they are moving, closing down or simply shifting their focus to a new application.

To find out more about Richmond Scientific’s Lab Clearance Service, call the team on 01257 270433.

Lisa and Stuart in Surrey watching cricket while on a lab clearance job all week
Lisa and Stuart taking a well-earned rest after spending the week preparing a massive shipment of equipment for export

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