Lab Clearance Case Study: Oxford Clearance

Fume cupboard being lifted using cherry picker

Nick and the team have been out on another lab clearance, helping customer to move out and remove laboratory equipment. When this site was being demolished, Richmond were called in to remove some fume cupboards and other large equipment. There were one or two tricky moments removing fume cupboards from confined spaces using cherry pickers. But as always, the job went smoothly and the owners were on their way with no hassle.

Back at Richmond HQ in Chorley, we were working hard to ensure the team had everything they needed. Deb and Harry were on hand to help with bookings, health and safety and inventory.

Fume cupboard removal with the help of cherry picker on lab clearance
We have access to a wide range of specialist equipment to ensure we can complete any removal job, no matter how tight the space!

Lab Clearance Service

If you need support with clearing a lab in the UK, get in touch. We have over 20 years’ experience in lab clearances, plus lifting machinery for large and heavy equipment, as well as a WEEE waste carriers license. Do give us a call on 01257 270433 if you have any questions, and see how we can help you.

Loading fume cupboards with forklift

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