Thermo Smart2Pure 6 UV Water Purification System

Product Water Type 1 Ultrapure. Flow Rate 0.6 L/min. Tap Water Feed Source.

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The Thermo Smart2Pure 6 UV WPS is a high-performance water purification system designed for laboratory use, ensuring ultrapure water quality with advanced filtration technology. The Barnstead system achieves a bacterial retention rate of 99% and maintains ultra-low bacterial content (<0.01 CFU/mL) and endotoxin concentration (0.005 EU/mL). Total organic carbon levels range from 1 to 5 ppb, ensuring minimal contaminants in the output water.

Equipped with a sterile 0.2 μm filter, UV lamp, RO cartridge and ultrapure polisher cartidge, the water purification system produces Type 1 ultrapure water suitable for various scientific applications. The Smart2Pure uses a tap water source with a pressure range of 1 to 6 bar, to deliver a flow rate of 0.6 L/min.

Featuring a 6L internal tank, made with pigment-free materials, and a conical bottom outlet for easy dispensing and cleaning, it combines practicality with high-performance filtration.


Features of the Thermo Smart2Pure 6 UV WPS:

  • Bacterial Retention 99%
  • Bacterial Content <0.01 CFU/mL
  • Endotoxin Concentration 0.005 EU/mL
  • Total Organic Carbon 1 to 5 ppb
  • Particles >0.2µM/mL = <1
  • Sterile 0.2μm Filter
  • Conductivity Type 1 0.055μS/cm
  • Feed Water Connector 3/4″ NPT
  • Feed Water Pressure 1 to 6 bar
  • Tap Water Feed Source
  • Flow Rate 0.6 L/min
  • Product Water Type 1 Ultrapure
  • Internal Tank 6L
    • Pigment-Free Materials
    • Conical Bottom Outlet
  • Permeate Performance 6L/hr at 10°C
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) Cartidge
  • RO Flow Rate 6 L/hr
  • Ultrapure Polisher Cartidge
  • Pressure Regulator
  • UV Lamp
  • Tilting Display for Optimal View
  • Benchtop or Wall-Mounted


Manual for the Thermo Smart2Pure 6 UV WPS

Brochure for the Thermo Smart2Pure 6 UV WPS

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Weight22 kg
Dimensions40 × 30 × 55 cm

Smart2Pure 6 UV





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Manual for the Thermo Smart2Pure 6 UV WPS

Brochure for the Thermo Smart2Pure 6 UV WPS

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