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The Richmond Promise

30-day no-quibble guarantee… On all our pre-owned lab equipment.

Our Promise


30-day money back guarantee

Everything we sell is quality assured, with a 30-day no-quibble guarantee. Buying from Richmond Scientific is easy and risk free.

Committed to a circular economy

We are enabling a more sustainable scientific sector and help in reducing the industry’s impact on the planet by reusing, repurposing and recycling laboratory equipment.


UK-based, family business since 1992

We’re a small team, and we’re always just a phone call away. We know that people make our business, and we’re committed to you, the customer.

Terms and Conditions

We will refund any item which has been advertised as covered by the Richmond Promise under the following conditions:

  • The item is not correct for your application
  • The item is non-functional or damaged

Claims must be made within 30 days of receipt of goods.

This does not cover damage in transit when the customer has arranged their own collection. 

It is essential that customers carry out checks on their new equipment within this period to ensure they are happy with their purchase.

Every effort is still made to ensure the working condition of all of our equipment before it is sent to you. 

This is our basic ‘peace of mind’ guarantee. Additional guarantee periods can be arranged on request for a fee. 

Case Studies

Eurofins Clearance 2
Clearance Case Studies

Class 2 Clearance

Collection Time! We were tasked with the clearance of eight Class II Safety Cabinets from the Eurofins site in Teddington. We were able to go

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Delivery Case Studies

HPLC Delivery to the University of Cambridge

We recently delivered an HPLC system to Agnes Tyburn the University of Cambridge. Agnes’ current research involves RNA and she needed a capable HPLC at a good price to take her work to the next level. She hopes to detect nucleotides with the HPLC’s VWD.

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Free Shipping on All Online Orders Over £2000. UK Only. Buy with Confidence: 30 Days No Quibble RTB Guarantee on Used Items.
Free Shipping on All Online Orders Over £2000. UK Only.
The Richmond Promise The Richmond Promise