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An HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) System allows for both quality and quantitative analysis of a mixture. It is the most accurate, sensitive and efficient form of chromatography. HPLC differs from other forms of liquid chromatography due to the high pressure applied during the stationary phrase.
The main components of an HPLC System are the solvent reservoir(s), a high pressure pump, an LC Column, an injector system and the detector.

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How does an HPLC System work?

A pump generates flow of the solvent from the reservoirs. The sample is then manually injected, or its input can be done for you with the help of an Autosampler. Introducing the solvent into a phase stream is next, carrying the sample into the high pressure LC column, this is able to withstand the pressure and contains the packing material needed to effect separation. As everything is held in place by this material, this point of the chromatography is called the stationary phase. A detector then sees the separated compound bands as the column is washed with the solvent. A chromatogram is generated by the connected computer once the detector sends this information. The solvent that has passed through is then either collected or disposed of.

How to put together an HPLC system

All the HPLC System Listings on our site list the modules included. If you’re unsure if you need any extra modules for your application then feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.
If putting together a whole system from what you can find online sounds a little hard, then don’t worry. We can build you an engineer tested and verified HPLC system with a warranty included. It will work accurately, with parts all from trusted brands. Costing you less time and money than getting one together from new. We can even train you and your staff with basic or more complex courses of how to use it, personalised for you. To find out more Click Here for our page all about what our specialist HPLC engineer can offer you and your staff.

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