Help is at hand with our New HPLC Services

Our Expert Engineer Dave, tinkering with a HPLC System

We’ve expanded our capabilities at Richmond Scientific to carry out exciting new services to guide you through your HPLC journey.
Watch our specialist HPLC engineer talk you through the services we can offer.

Pol-Eko Smart Climatic Chambers

pol eko smart climactic chambers

Pol-Eko Smart Climatic Chambers are a serious contender in the modern market. They provide a degree of networking and quality of life enhancements that make

Used Lab Equipment Showroom


We are delighted to introduce our used lab equipment show room.  See a wide range of analytical testing devices, life sciences and microbiological equipment which

Pol-Eko Smart Laboratory Equipment

pol-eko smart laboratory equipment (news)

We are pleased to offer the latest of Pol-Eko laboratory equipment at Richmond Scientific. We are proud to be the only UK distributor of Pol-Eko equipment!