Supporting Students with Hands-On Learning

FT-IR instrument

Are university students entering industry without sufficient hands-on experience in the lab?

Many undergrads will use FT-IR, but often using an instrument that has been set up by an experienced lab tech. Consequently, undergrads get little to no experience troubleshooting the instrument, or recognising the cause of errors in their results. As a result, students with FTIR experience on their CV often don’t have the expertise to set up the instrument or troubleshoot.

Recently we had an enquiry from a sixth form college to put together an FT-IR education bundle. This was intended to give students hands-on experience with FT-IR equipment. At Richmond Scientific, we’re in the unique position of being able to offer top of the range analytical equipment, as well as lower spec instruments. Lower spec instruments can be used by students for hands on technical experience and trouble shooting. In addition to the instrument, we were able to provide an education bundle including a selection of samples and accessories. This equipment is now in the college teaching lab ready for students to gain real hands-on experience of setup and troubleshooting.

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FT-IR technical support

At Richmond Scientific we have in-house expert engineers who service and test all the instruments that we sell. If you need advice on which FT-IR instrument you require, please call our team on 01257 270433.

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