Thermo Dionex ICS-2100 Ion Chromatography System with AS-AP

An integrated ion chromatography system with high-performance AS-AP autosampler.

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The Thermo Scientific Dionex ICS 2100 is an integrated ion chromatography system featuring an eluent generator, pump, injection valve, column heater, conductivity detector, and a guard and separator column. The system is designed to perform ion analyses using suppressed or non-suppressed conductivity detection. It supports microbore 2m columns as well as standard bore 4 mm columns.

The Dionex AS-AP Autosampler is designed for reliability and ease of use, providing high performance, automated sample processing for ion chromatography applications. The autosampler offers high sample throughput and excellent reproducibility with RSDs less than 0.3% for full loop injections.

Features of Thermo Dionex ICS-2100 with AS-AP:

  • LCD touch screen display
  • Injection port
  • Suppressor – increases detection sensitivity
  • Separator and Guard columns
  • Column heater: can be set between 30 and 60 °C
  • Dual-piston serial pump
  • Eluent valve – controls the flow from the eluent reservoir
  • Leak sensor – detects liquid liquid in tray
  • Pressure transducer – measures system backpressure
  • EluGen cartridge
  • USB connector for remote PC control
  • AS-AP Autosampler
  • High sample capacity: from 81 (10 ml vials) to 1152 (three 384-position well plates)
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Status bar with LED’s to indicate sampler status
  • All PEEK flow paths
  • 10 ml polystyrene sample vials with wide openings for large-volume injections and trace analysis


See the Thermo Dionex ICS-2100 User Manual Here

See the Dionex AS-AP Autosampler Manual Here

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Dimensions60 × 45 × 36 cm

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See the Thermo Dionex ICS-2100 User Manual Here

See the Dionex AS-AP Autosampler Manual Here

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