Qiagen QIAgility PCR Setup System with QIAgility Software

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The Qiagen QIAgility PCR Setup System, with QIAgility Software, enables fast, high-accuracy PCR setups without compromising usability and convenience. A top opening lid allows for easy access to either add or remove your samples. Qiagen’s QIAgility is designed with safety in mind, granting you peaceof mid when using the system.

In addition to being a much more user-friendly experience, automated PCR setup eliminates any steps in the manual pipetting process that are usually prone to human error. This also allows for a large range of differing applications such as genotyping, food testing, pathogen detection as well as veterinary testing.

QIAgility Setup Manager Software provides quick and simple setup of your PCR experiments. Simply select the PCR kit you are using, select the cycler for your PCR run, define your targets (i.e. genes of interest) as well as controls and standard. Load the worktable using the software the guide you through the necessary steps and finally allow the QIAgility machine run the pipetting, saving you important lab time.


Features of the Qiagen QIAgility PCR Setup System with QIAgility Software

  • Laptop computer complete with software allows for increased flexibility of movement.
  • Versatile machine that can fit a range of tube and plate formats.
  • Effective liquid-level sensor delivers high-accuracy pipetting results.
  • In-built sensor pauses he cycle once the hood is open protecting the user from moving parts.
  • Increased productivity and standardised results.
  • All formats can utilise the automated PCR setup.
  • Operating Temperature: 15-30°C.
  • Operating Humidity: 40-70%.
  • Range of consumables and software disk provided.


Download the Qiagen QIAgility Manual

Download the Qiagen QIAgility Brochure

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Download the Qiagen QIAgility Manual

Download the Qiagen QIAgility Brochure

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