Copley DTG 2000 Disintegration Tester

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The Copley DTG 2000 is a robust disintegration tester with two test stations, each capable of accepting one batch of up to six tablets of capsules. The baskets are quick-release for easy access and cleaning.


Features of the Copley DTG 2000 Disintegration Tester

  • Two test stations, each capable of accepting a batch of up to six tablets or capsules
  • Baskets are automatically raised and lowered in testing media at the start and end of testing
  • Vacuum formed water bath
  • Integrated timer and sound alarm to notify the user at the end of the test
  • LCD screen displays time and temperature
  • Quick-release basket for easy access
  • One-piece water bath and independent heater/circulator
  • User-friendly control panel and display panel
  • Thumb screws hold the basket components together, meaning if it can easily be disassembled and reassembled for cleaning, if required
  • Built in low level water alarm


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Dimensions49 × 45 × 71 cm


DTG 2000




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