Ohaus Centrifuges

Ohaus Centrifuges

We are offering 20% (or more!) off our complete range of centrifuges from Ohaus, including mini, benchtop and refrigerated centrifuges. Offer ends December 2023.

Benchtop, or tabletop, centrifuges are ideal for smaller labs who need to make the most of their available lab space. Take a look at our full range of benchtop centrifuges. Also available from Ohaus are a selection of refrigerated centrifuges, which are ideal for biological and medical labs who need to reliably maintain the temperature of samples during centrifugation.

Want to know more about the different centrifuge rotor options available? Read our comparison of fixed angle vs swing out rotors to see which option is right for your lab.

Click here for our full range of new and used centrifuges. Not sure which option is best for your lab? Contact us here, or call the team on 01257 233470

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