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Ohaus FC5718 Multi-Pro Centrifuge

Non-Refrigerated Multi-Purpose Centrifuge with speeds >10000 Rpm

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The Ohaus FC5718 Multi-Pro Centrifuge is useful for many applications such as: Centrifugal Separation, General Sample Preparation, Protein and Nucleic Acid Separation, Cell Concentrating, Chemical Separation and Blood Sample Processing.

This centrifuge is powerful and versatile with 10 acceleration and deceleration rates and a selection of running speeds from 10 seconds up to 100 hours, or continuous. Moreover, the powerful platform offers maximum flexibility for a range of applications. The high-speed centrifugation platform can be customised to fit different lab needs using a variety of rotors and additional accessories.

Ohaus products are intuitively designed for user-friendly operation, with easy access to parameter settings and quick rotation between applications. Also, the product includes automatic rotor recognition and backlit LCD.

Rotor is not included. Rotors can be ordered separately here.

Features of the Ohaus FC5718 Centrifuge:

  • Quick spin mode.
  • Lid-locking system – to keep the user and samples safe.
  • Over-speed protection and self-diagnostic system.
  • Dual imbalance sensing.
  • Temperature Range- from -20 °C to 40 °C
  • Speed: >10000 rpm
  • Variation of 10 acceleration and deceleration rates.
  • Selection of running time from 10 secs up to 100 hours, or continuous.
  • Program storage up to 99 runs.
  • Large backlit LCD display – allows the product to be user friendly.
  • Automatic rotor identification – designed to be used with a variety of rotors.
  • Maximum Capacity (Rotor) – 4 x 100ml.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel chamber with Polycarbonate/ABS plastic lid.


Download data sheet for Ohaus Multi Pro Centrifuges

Additional information

Weight43 kg
Dimensions50 × 40.8 × 35.1 cm






2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)

Maximum Capacity (Rotor)

4 x 100ml


Data sheet for Ohaus Multi Pro Centrifuges

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