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Ohaus FC5306 Frontier 5000 Mini Centrifuge

Mini centrifuge holds up to eight samples (1.5 – 2 mL)

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The FC5306 is the smallest centrifuge from the Ohaus Frontier 5000 range. It is ideal for smaller labs, or those processing a small number of samples. Alternatively, it may be of use to a lab which shares a centrifuge with other labs, and requires a smaller one to keep on the bench for their own samples. The FC5306 is a small and basic mini centrifuge with one-touch operation and a maximum relative centrifugal force of up to 2000 g. It can be used across a wide range of applications, including sample preparation for analytical techniques, removal of fine solids, and separation of liquids. It is quiet and uses a very small amount of energy compared to larger models – ideal for rapid processing of small samples.

Features of the FC5306 Mini Centrifuge:

  • Fixed angle rotor holds up to eight samples of 1.5 – 2 mL
  • RCF: 2000 g
  • RPM: up to 6000
  • Mechanical lid lock
  • Auto start when the lid is closed, for speed and ease of operation
  • Rubber base ensures minimal noise and vibration
  • Safety lock immediately shuts off the rotor if the lid is opened
  • Integrated imbalance sensor automatically shuts off the rotor if the centrifuge is not properly balanced

Download datasheet for the FC5306 mini centrifuge

Download user manual for Ohaus FC5306 mini centrifuge

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Weight2 kg
Dimensions21.6 × 30.5 × 19.4 cm






2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)

Lead Time

Varies. Please call for details


Datasheet for the FC5306 mini centrifuge

User manual for Ohaus FC5306 mini centrifuge

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