Product Guide: Pol-Eko Scientific Incubators

Pol-Eko offer a huge range of laboratory incubators, with a wide variety of customisations to fit your requirements to the letter. But if all that choice leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed, use our handy guide to easily see the features and benefits of each model.

Pol-Eko Laboratory Incubators

We offer five different Pol-Eko incubator models:

  • ST Cooled Incubators – The go-to cooled laboratory incubator. The ST incubator cools to 3°C and is available in a wide range of sizes. It is also available as part of the Pol-Eko mix-and-match multi-chamber devices, and as adapted BOD units specifically to accommodate Oxi-Top® systems. Equip with FOT/FIT lighting for day/night simulation, if desired.
  • ILP Peltier-Cooled Incubators – The ILP has no compressor, reducing energy usage and removing the need for refrigerant gases. As a result, it is small, quiet and environmentally friendly. At the same time, the ILP cools to 20°C below ambient, making this an ideal option for environmentally-conscious temperature-controlled labs.
  • ILW Cooled Incubators – The ILW are super-cooled incubators, reaching -10°C. Use these in a wide range of labs including research in seeds, food, materials, and virology. These incubators may have some overlap with environmental chambers. Equip with FOT/FIT lighting for day/night simulation.
  • ILC CO2 Incubator – A small CO2 laboratory incubator provides the ability to control temperature, humidity and CO­2 – ideal for cell and tissue culture.
  • CL Incubators – CL incubators have options for natural or forced convection. The natural convection incubator (CLN) is particularly suited to heating delicate samples. This incubator does not cool, but will heat up to 100°C, and comes in a wide range of sizes.

Temperature differences

If you know the temperature range you require, use our quick-glance guide to determine the best option for your lab. For the widest temperature range, from -10°C to 100°C, you’ll want the ILW cooled incubator. The CLN and CLW also reach 100°C, but without the cooling option. The ST will cool to 3°C (upper temperature depends on the controller option you choose), while the ILP Peltier-cooled incubator will reach 20°C below ambient.

Lighting options

The ST cooled incubator and ILW cooled incubators can be equipped with customisable controlled- lighting systems. Therefore, you can use this incubator to simulate day/night, or to expose samples to specific light wavelengths. As a result, this option is extremely popular for laboratories working with plant/fungus growth, seed germination studies and growth of light-dependent micro-organism.

Download brochure pages for Pol-Eko incubators with controlled lighting here.

Due to the wide variety of options for the FIT/FOT controlled-lighting incubators, these should be ordered over the phone or by email. Call us on 01257 270433 to discuss your requirements.

Controller Options

Pol-Eko incubators come equipped with touchscreen full colour controllers, which can be used while wearing gloves and display a wide array of at-a-glance information for the user.

For all incubator models, you can choose between the 4.3” Smart controller, and larger 7” Smart PRO. The Smart PRO offers a full alphanumeric keyboard compared to the numeric Smart controller, 40 user-set programmes and password-protected user accounts. Notice that the extended temperature ranges on the ST and ILW incubators are only available with the Smart PRO controller.

Download Pol-Eko Controller Comparison Chart here

Download full details of the Pol-Eko Controller Options here

Chamber Sizes

The names of the Pol-Eko incubators give a rough indication of the chamber capacity. Both the CL incubator and ST cooled incubator have a wide range of sizes, from the tiny 15 L CL right up to the double fronted 1500 L ST.

The smaller ST incubators are available as part of the multi-chamber incubator range, allowing you to mix-and-match cooled incubators with refrigerators or freezers.

Finally, for a full comparison of the measurements for each incubator model, download the brochure sheets here:

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