Eppendorf 5910 Ri Centrifuge

Brand new and unused. Speed: 10 – 14 000 RPM. Temperature range: -11  to +40 °C. Rotor available separately. Capacity up to 4 x 1 L

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The Eppendorf 5910 Ri refrigerated benchtop centrifuge is designed to offer exceptional ease of use and versatility for a wide range of applications. Its 7-inch VisioNize® touch interface allows quick and accurate operation, and ensures efficient and reproducible runs. The centrifuge’s documentation function, along with its user management features, supports quality control through multiple authorization levels, password protection, and comprehensive logging of all runs and user activities. The large screen is easy to navigate, with frequently-used settings for time, temperature, and speed directly accessible, enabling quick setup for individual runs. Advanced user management capabilities allow for detailed tracking of all settings and events, with data export available as PDF or CSV files via USB or the VisioNize® Lab Suite, supporting GLP/GxP requirements.

Ergonomic design considerations ensure a comfortable and stress-free user experience. The centrifuge operates at a low noise level and has a low access height for easy loading and unloading. The soft-touch lid function ensures effortless lid closure, contributing to a more relaxed work environment. Safety and convenience are paramount in the design of the Eppendorf 5910 Ri. Features such as automatic rotor recognition, rotor lifetime tracking, imbalance sensors, and advanced temperature management ensure sample integrity and device safety. Programmable reminders for maintenance tasks help optimize device performance and reduce downtime.

Features of the Eppendorf 5910 Ri Centrifuge:

  • No rotor included. Available separately.
  • RPM: 10 – 14 000
  • Max RCF: 22 132 g (may be limited depending on rotor)
  • Temperature range: -11  to +40 °C
  • Capacity: up to 4 x 1 L (depending on rotor)
  • Integrated timer
  • 99 programs
  • Touch screen controller and display
  • Remote device monitoring and notifications possible with VisioNize


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5910 Ri




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