Esco Airstream Class II Safety Cabinet

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This Esco Airstream AC2-4GT is an efficient and compact 4 foot biosafety cabinet. The controller is simple to use, with all safety information displayed on one screen. Further, the screen is centred and angled downwards to accommodate easy reach and viewing. The cabinet is designed with a large corner radius for easy cleaning. Meanwhile, the stainless steel divided work surface can be easily removed for cleaning or autoclaving.

The front of the unit features a raised arm rest to help prevent grille blocking, and support a comfortable working position. The controller monitors airflow in real time and sounds a safety alert if the airflow is insufficient. The front of the unit is slanted forward for an ergonomic working position, while the glass side-walls are made from tempered glass for increased visibility and user comfort. Ambient air is pulled in through the front grille, up the back of the unit where it is filtered before blowing down over the workspace.

Features of the Esco Airstream AC2-4GT:

  • Galvanised steel body with epoxy-polyester Isocide antimicrobial powder coated finish
  • UV-absorbing tempered glass on side walls
  • Multi-piece autoclavable work tray is easy to remove and keep clean
  • UV lamp ensures thorough decontamination
  • LCD screen displays time, airflow, sash status, inflow and downflow velocities
  • Option to display stats in English, French, German, Spanish or Italian
  • Simple diagnostics button to easily check the cabinet operating parameters and assist servicing
  • Large touchpad control buttons provide good tactile feedback
  • Colour coded LEDs for fan, lights, outlets and UV lamp
  • Programmable UV light timer helps to extend bulb lifetime
  • External dimensions (W x D x H): 134 x 81 x 140 cm
  • Internal dimensions (W x D x H): 122 x 58 x 66 cm
  • Stand included, if required


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