Pol-Eko Incubators with Optional Controlled Lighting

Pol-Eko Incubators with Optional Controlled Lighting

Internal image from Pol-Eko incubator with red and blue LED lighting

Pol-Eko incubators can be fitted with highly customisable light panels in a variety of locations and wavelengths. Set the timer to simulate day/night patterns, adjust wavelength and intensity, and automatically record and report on internal chamber conditions.

Light panels can be fitted in the door, sidewalls, or over-shelf, and come in a range of colours, up to a maximum intensity of 15000 LUX per panel (measured 25 cm under the light source).

There are also special LED panels designed for plant growth, with wavelengths in the red and far-red range to efficiently stimulate blooming and proliferation, or red and blue for maximum chlorophyll absorption for photosynthesis and growth.

If you would like any advice about laboratory incubators with controlled lighting, get in touch with the team on 01257 270433.

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