Improving Crop Yields with Gene Editing

Precision Breeding Bill CRISPR

Improving crop yields is essential for ensuring food security and meeting the growing global demand for food. In this article, we will explore the various scientific techniques that can be used to improve crop yields.

Slowly but Surely: James Webb Approaches L2

James Webb Space Telescope s primary mirror unfolded pillars

We have been inspired by the planning, ingenuity and teamwork of the team behind the JWST and wish it well on the remainder of its journey to the second Sun-Earth Lagrange point (L2), its home for what now looks to be the next 20 years.

Class 2 Clearance

Eurofins Clearance 2

Collection Time! We were tasked with the clearance of eight Class II Safety Cabinets from the Eurofins site in Teddington. We were able to go there and back in a day, arriving on site at 9AM and clearing by 1:30PM. This allowed the customer to move forward with their lab relocation operations with minimal fuss. […]

Help is at hand with our New HPLC Services

Our Expert Engineer Dave, tinkering with a HPLC System

We’ve expanded our capabilities at Richmond Scientific to carry out exciting new services to guide you through your HPLC journey.
Watch our specialist HPLC engineer talk you through the services we can offer.

HPLC Delivery to the University of Cambridge

Two people standing with HPLC laboratory equipment

We recently delivered an HPLC system to Agnes Tyburn the University of Cambridge. Agnes’ current research involves RNA and she needed a capable HPLC at a good price to take her work to the next level. She hopes to detect nucleotides with the HPLC’s VWD.

Lab clearance at RAF Caversham

lab clearance at raf caversham

Richmond Scientific were tasked with the removal of ducted fume hoods from two rooms of the RAF Caversham site in Bicester. We were an active participant in a construction operation, working with the contractor to prepare the buildings for demolition. It took four of us five days to remove sixteen cupboards from the site. Because […]

Lab clearance at Concept Life Sciences

case study | lab clearance at concept life sciences

Concept Life Sciences Case Study – lab clearance  Richmond Scientific were asked to carry out a lab clearance by Concept Life Sciences, who are located in Derbyshire.   We were tasked with the disposal of a range of contaminate – Consumables and glassware – WEEE waste – Chemicals – Lab equipment – Miscellaneous plastic items […]

Pol-Eko Smart Climatic Chambers

pol eko smart climactic chambers

Pol-Eko Smart Climatic Chambers are a serious contender in the modern market. They provide a degree of networking and quality of life enhancements that make using them a real breeze. Here at Richmond, we are passionate about connecting our customers with these high quality brands which provide great value and excellent design. Pol-Eko has been […]

Using the application of UHPLC to determine age

uhplc can help determine the real age of your body

How old are you? A simple enough question which many people would answer without a second thought. However, biologists have various different ways of answering this question. Firstly, there is our mental age, where, especially as children, we develop at different rates. For example, at school, teachers may classify children as having a ‘reading age’ […]