Richmond Scientific were tasked with the removal of ducted fume hoods from two rooms of the RAF Caversham site in Bicester. We were an active participant in a construction operation, working with the contractor to prepare the buildings for demolition.

It took four of us five days to remove sixteen cupboards from the site. Because the cupboards had been assembled on site, there was no access out of the rooms. This meant we had to disassemble and reassemble every cabinet in order to get them out.

Another group of cupboards were on the first floor of an outbuilding, with the only route out a small spiral staircase. Thankfully, the contractor on site had a forklift with a big retractable arm which allowed us to lower the cabinets down gently. Otherwise we’d have had to take them apart and carry them down piece by piece!

We relish these challenges at Richmond Scientific and are proud never to have failed to achieve what we have set out to do even in the trickiest situations.

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