HPLC Delivery to the University of Cambridge

Two people standing with HPLC laboratory equipment

We recently delivered an HPLC system to Agnes Tyburn the University of Cambridge. Agnes’ current research involves RNA and she needed a capable HPLC at a good price to take her work to the next level. She hopes to detect nucleotides with the HPLC’s VWD.

Richmond Scientific are proud to assist researches like Agnes get on with sophisticated analyses with used machines. She has been able to start work that may not have been possible if new HPLC was the only option. Not only this, but also we have given a new lease of life to an HPLC system that will continue to give years of faithful service, where many are consigned to WEEE waste despite being perfectly capable.

Get in touch with us if this story has struck a chord with you, we can help! And please let us know if you’d like to give your old instrument a second chance, you may well be helping someone like Agnes grow their analytical capability.

HPLC Cambridge
Nick with Agnes Tyburn and Dr Eyal Maori