The Who, What and Why of HPLC

Purple line drawing of three HPLC systems

Find more information about HPLC analysis – What is HPLC, and what is it used for? Plus an overview of the main parts of a HPLC system

Sell Used HPLC Systems

HPLC system with computer in laboratory

It couldn’t be easier to sell used HPLC equipment to Richmond Scientific. Selling used laboratory equipment is quick and hassle free – Get a no-obligation quote for your unwanted HPLC system today.

Help is at hand with our New HPLC Services

Our Expert Engineer Dave, tinkering with a HPLC System

We’ve expanded our capabilities at Richmond Scientific to carry out exciting new services to guide you through your HPLC journey.
Watch our specialist HPLC engineer talk you through the services we can offer.

HPLC Delivery to the University of Cambridge

Two people standing with HPLC laboratory equipment

We recently delivered an HPLC system to Agnes Tyburn the University of Cambridge. Agnes’ current research involves RNA and she needed a capable HPLC at a good price to take her work to the next level. She hopes to detect nucleotides with the HPLC’s VWD.

Using the application of UHPLC to determine age

uhplc can help determine the real age of your body

How old are you? A simple enough question which many people would answer without a second thought. However, biologists have various different ways of answering this question. Firstly, there is our mental age, where, especially as children, we develop at different rates. For example, at school, teachers may classify children as having a ‘reading age’ […]