Can FT-IR be used for Quantitative Analysis?

FTIR and computer showing quantitative analysis

FTIR spectroscopy is a versatile analytical technique known for its ability to provide valuable insights into the composition of various materials. While its primary role is often associated with qualitative analysis, FTIR can absolutely be used for quantitative analysis as well.

7 Applications of FTIR Analysis

Scientist looking at sample on FTIR

Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) offers valuable insights into the composition and characteristics of diverse materials. This versatile method finds its way into a wide array of scientific fields, each harnessing its capabilities for various applications.

Buying a Used FT-IR Spectrometer

Close up of FT-IR diamond ATR

Why should you consider buying a used FT-IR instrument vs new? Read more about how to choose the best second-hand FT-IR spectrometer for your lab.