7 Applications of FTIR Analysis

Scientist looking at sample on FTIR

Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) offers valuable insights into the composition and characteristics of diverse materials. Therefore, this versatile method finds its way into a wide array of scientific fields, each harnessing its capabilities for various applications.

What are the Main Applications of FTIR Analysis?

Chemical Analysis: One of the primary applications of FTIR lies in the identification and characterisation of chemical compounds. By analysing the unique absorption patterns of infrared light, FTIR enables the identification of functional groups, molecular structures, and chemical bonds present within a sample.

Pharmaceutical Industry: FTIR plays a pivotal role in pharmaceutical research and quality control. It helps in verifying the composition of drugs, ensuring batch consistency, and detecting impurities.

Materials Science: Researchers use FTIR to analyse the composition and properties of polymers, coatings, and other materials. This aids in understanding material behaviour, performance, and potential applications.

Environmental Monitoring: FTIR can detect pollutants and contaminants in environmental samples. It’s employed in air and water quality assessment, facilitating early detection of harmful substances.

Food and Beverage Analysis: The food industry uses FT-IR to assess nutritional content, detect adulterants, and ensure product quality and safety.

Forensics: FTIR assists forensic experts in analysing trace evidence, identifying unknown substances, and supporting criminal investigations.

Art Conservation: FTIR aids in analysing pigments, dyes, and binding materials used in artworks, contributing to restoration and preservation efforts.

FTIR analysis encompasses a wide range of applications across various industries, revolutionising the way we understand materials and their properties. At Richmond Scientific, we can help you find the right second hand FTIR instrument to meet your needs and your budget.

Front view of FTIR instrument