Advantages and Applications of FT-IR (Video)

What are the main advantages and applications of FT-IR? FT-IR is used for a wide range of applications including analysis of pharmaceuticals, polymers, coatings, additives and other chemicals; environmental monitoring; quality control and more. Read more about the Applications of FT-IR here

Watch the Video (Applications and Advantages of FT-IR):

Nick discusses some of the advantages and applications of FT-IR for analysis.

Video Transcript

“Hi Folks, Nick from Richmond Scientific here talking again about Infrared Spectroscopy. So, I don’t know whether you can see this on here, but it’s on this Perkin Elmer instrument, you can see we’ve just run a sample of polystyrene. You can see there – 3027 there, so that is absolutely what you’d expect from polystyrene. Infrared spectroscopy can be used in a wide variety of different areas. Forensics is a growth area at the moment, food and drink, energy, life sciences, lubricants and oils, paints and pigments. So, any number of different applications.
And of course advantages – The fact that it’s non-destructive, it’s quick, it’s future proof so it’s never going to change particularly, and there’s a wide range of applications. So it’s a really good technique to use within the lab as an analytical tool.”

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