Thermo Scientific KS 15 HeraSafe Class II Safety Cabinet

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The HeraSafe KS 15 Class II Safety Cabinet is suitable for a range of applications, including handling potentially hazardous samples. The cabinet is designed to protect both the user and the sample from contamination, and promote a safe working environment. The cabinet has an eye-level monitoring unit, enabling the user to easily monitor the internal environment as required. The internal control panel eliminates the need for repeated glove changes when making adjustments. Additionally, the safety cabinet includes a remote control that the user can use to easily lower and raise the sash. How does it work? Inlet air is drawn down through the front of the cabinet, and filtered before being passed down through the cabinet. It is then recirculated and filtered before being evacuated out of the top of the unit, away from the user.

Features of the HeraSafe KS 15 Safety Cabinet:

  • Eye-level digital monitoring unit
  • Display indicates downflow rate, operating time, and alarms
  • Remote for quick adjustments
  • All-round visibility, with transparent sides, preventing a ‘boxed-in’ working environment
  • Four electrical sockets inside cabinet
  • Sloped window for optimum working posture
  • A stand is included with this safety cabinet, if required


Download User Manual for the HeraSafe KS 15 Safety Cabinet

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