Snol Muffle Furnace 6.7/1300

This product is a 6.7 litre muffle furnace, with a max temperature of 1300°C.

Product Code

SNOL 6.7/1300


Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


This high temperature muffle furnace from Snol, is ideal for material testing, heat treatment such as hardening, loosening ,normalising, ceramic and stoneware samples reaching up to 1300°C. An exhaust system can be installed as an optional upgrade for users who may generate gases or smoke during the heating process. This Snol muffle furnace is suitable for use across a range of applications, including research or development labs, education, and ceramics studios.

The furnace interior is a one-piece ceramic chamber, making it easy to clean and maintain. The use of ceramic ensures fast heating with minimal heat-loss. Heating elements are embedded in two walls of the heating chamber to ensure uniform heating.

Features of the Muffle Furnace 6.7/1300:

  • 6.7 Litre Chamber volume.
  • Temperature Range : +10 to 1300°C
  • Internal Chamber Dimensions (W x D x H): 14.5 x 31 x 13.5 cm
  • External Furnace Dimensions(W x D x H): 44.5 x 57.5 x 52.5 cm
  • Door safety interlock switch – protects sample and user.
  • Door opens to the left.
  • Non-programmable temperature controller – Omron E5CC.
  • One-piece high thermal efficiency vacuum-formed fiber chamber.
  • Ceramic bottom plates.
  • Fast heating time due to low thermal mass construction.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Control panel placed in the underpart of furnace.
  • Choose powder painted grey or stainless steel exterior.
  • Good stability and uniformity.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty.


Download data sheet For Muffle Furnace 6.7/1300

Additional information

Weight35 kg
Dimensions57.5 × 44.5 × 52.5 cm
Exterior finish

Painted, Stainless Steel







1 year (Manufacturer Warranty)

Inner Chamber Dimensions ( W x D x H )

14.5 x 31 x 13.5 cm

External Dimensions ( W x D x H )

44.5 x 57.5 x 52.5 cm


6.7 litres

Lead Time

Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


Data Sheet for the Snol Muffle Furnace 6.7/1300

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