Qiagen Qiaxcel Advanced Capillary Electrophoresis

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The QIAgen QIAxcel Advanced Capillary Electrophoresis is a high-performance automated capillary electrophoresis system that is designed to streamline and simplify DNA and RNA fragment analysis. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, the QIAxcel Advanced is an ideal choice for a wide range of research and diagnostic applications.

The QIAxcel Advanced features an advanced optical system that delivers highly accurate and reproducible results, allowing for the rapid and efficient analysis of DNA and RNA fragments with a high degree of resolution. The device also includes a range of advanced features, such as automated sample loading, barcode scanning, and an intuitive touchscreen interface that allows for easy programming and control of all essential parameters.

One of the key features of the QIAxcel Advanced is its ability to analyze up to 96 samples in a single run, allowing for high-throughput sample processing and reduced turnaround times. The device also includes a variety of safety features, such as automatic detection of sample overloading, that ensure safe and reliable operation.

The QIAgen QIAxcel Advanced is highly customizable and can be configured with a variety of kits and software modules to meet specific application requirements. The device is also compatible with a range of data analysis software, making it easy to analyze and interpret data.


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Qiaxcel Advanced




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