GX Microscopes XDY-1 Inverted Microscope with CoolLED 300 system

The GX Microscopes XDY-1 Inverted Microscope comes with a cooled 300 system and Canon ES fit adapter already in place.

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The GX Microscopes XDY-1 inverted microscope is a very flexible microscope system equipped for bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence. The CoolLED pe-300 system further enhances the microscopes flexibility. The camera system fitted is very flexible and it also has a Canon ES fit adaptor already in place. All-in-all, the GX XDY-1 inverted microscope is one of the most flexible microscope systems available. Filter blocks for fluorescence are in the pull-out several-way holder on the left-hand side. Standard blocks fit but the selection that was with the microscope (in three pull out units, one in place and two were next to the microscope) cover all common fluorescence probes and the full range of wavelengths available from the CoolLED 300 system.

Objectives included: 10x, 25x, 40x, 40x and 160x

Inverted microscopes are particularly useful for live cell imaging, since cells may be more easily viewed from the bottom of the sample. Inverted microscopes are often used where cultures have been grown directly onto glass slides.

Note: Cannon camera is not included. Shown for demonstration of how a camera can be fitted



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Weight20 kg
Dimensions70 × 40 × 60 cm





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