Forensic Comparison Microscope

Ideal for criminal investigation and forensic sciences.

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This comparison microscope consists of two separate stereo microscopes making it ideal for forensic examination of two objects. The microscope features variable magnifications of 4x to 115x eyepieces. The vice stage holder is ideal for holding samples such as bullets and coins, as well as a variety of other samples on the dual rotatable mechanical stages.

The microscope includes two separate light sources to provides top and bottom adjustable illumination. With the included polarizer and analyser, samples can be viewed under cross polarisation to enhance a transparent surface.

The trinocular body allows you to view samples on a video monitor or computer when a camera is added.

Features of the Comparison Microscope:

  • Ideal for viewing the comparison of fibres, bullets, wires, coins and more.
  • Dual  rotatable mechanical stage for comparing samples.
  • 2 separate stereo microscopes ideal for forensic examination.
  • Variable magnification of 4x – 115x eyepieces.
  • 2 separate light sources for top and bottom adjustable illumination.
  • Polariser and analyser for viewing under cross polarisation.
  • Two separate specimens can be studied at the same time through split viewing.
  • 30° inclined trinocular head.
  • 2 photo ports for cameras.
  • Diopter adjustment on both oculars to correct to specific vision needs.
  • Polarising lens filter.
  • X-Y stage movement knobs



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Dimensions53 × 37 × 60 cm



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