Edwards E2M1.5 Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

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This Edwards E2M1.5 is a two-stage, direct drive, sliding vane vacuum pump. It is oil-sealed and designed for reliable, long-term operation. This Edwards E2M1.5 vacuum pump is a free-standing unit. The drive is provided through a coupling by a single-phase motor.

This pump also goes by HP1099-80023, or HP109980023 set to 115 VAC.

Total enclosing of the motor of this rotary vane vacuum pump and cooling it by the motor-cooling fan which directs air along the motor fins. The motors are fit with a thermal overload device. When the motor is too hot, the thermal overload device switches off the pump. The thermal overload device has an automatic reset; when the motor cools down, the device resets and the motor will restart.

An oil pressure system lubricates the pump shaft bearing surfaces and rotor sealing faces. The pump has an oil distribution valve which prevents discharge of oil to the pump interior (suckback) after the pump stops. The pumping chambers are air-tight, so this arrangement prevents oil suckback unless the gas ballast valve is open.

You can inspect the level and condition of oil in the oil box reservoir through a sight-glass. An oil filler-plug is on the top of the oil box. An oil drain-plug is at the bottom of the oil box. The pump has a carrying handle, inlet-port, outlet nozzle and gas-ballast control. The pump is on a steel baseplate on rubber pads.


  • Pumping speeds of either 0.7 to 1.5 m3h‑1.
  • Industry proven long term reliable performance.
  • Free standing, compact design providing flexibility of use.
  • Alternate side inlet connection port so that you can reduce overall installation height to the minimum.
  • O ring sealed sight glass allows visual inspection of oil level and condition.
  • Gas ballast valve for large water vapour handling capacity.
  • Simple installation and operation with no customer wiring.
  • Forced air cooling ensures low pump surface temperature.

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Edwards E2M1.5 Vacuum Pump User Manual Here

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