Arctiko LF 100 Biomedical Freezer

The freezer stores samples securely with reliable cooling performance by air forced cooling circulation, controlled by the Articko G214 controller. The LF 100 has a compact space saving design, with a low noise level making it suitable for any laboratory.

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DAI 0285

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The Arctiko LF 100, provides ideal solutions for the research industry and healthcare sector. For example, it can be used for for storing vaccines, diagnostic samples, reagents and samples such as enzymes for genetic research and temperature testing of electrical components and precision devices.

The Biomedical range meets requirements through its lower power consumption, precise cooling uniformity, temperature and alarm surveillance, and documentation. This makes the LF 100 a reliable and effective solution for biomedical storage.

The Arctiko freezer provides forced air cooling circulation to ensure high temperature stability, by forcing airflow around the stored samples ensuring quick temperature recovery, after the door has been opened.

Features of the Arctiko LF 100 Biomedical Freezer:

  • The G214 controller – makes the product easy to use and includes data logger with memory and on-screen graphs making it extremely useful in pharmacies.
  • Adjustable shelves – allows flexible storage to accommodate all type of samples.
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Forced air cooling – allows precise and stable cooling.
  • Temperature and alarm surveillance.
  • Meets requirements for documentation and validation.
  • ATEX/Spark free components- flammable and volatile liquids will be stored safely.
  • Compact space saving design.
  • Low noise level.
  • Door locks on all models for optimal security and safety of your samples.


Download user manual for Arctiko LF 100 Biomedical Freezer

Additional information

Weight87 kg
Dimensions69 × 81 × 103 cm


LF 100




1 year (Manufacturer Warranty)

Temperature Range

-10 to -30 °C


94 Litres


User manual for Arctiko LF 100 Biomedical Freezer

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