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New and used incubators

At Richmond Scentific we carry a wide range of new and used laboratory incubators, including cooled and heating, CO2, and shaker incubators from brands including Binder, Gallenkamp, Thermo and Pol-Eko.

We only stock equipment from trustworthy and reliable brands. Give us a call if you would like to speak to someone about the most suitable incubator for your application.

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Our New and Used Incubators

Colonies of Gram negative bacteria growing on the culture plate.

What are incubators used for?

Incubators are pieces of equipment that are designed to mimic a particular environment in order to support growth. In a microbiology lab it is common to find incubators with temperature and CO2 conditions set to mimic the human body, designed to grow micro organisms.

Incubators are typically insulated to prevent heat loss. They are heated to a particular temperature, and then use a thermostat to maintain the temperature consistently. Most incubators have controls for temperature, humidity and CO2 levels.

Shaking incubators ( are used in application where the culture needs to be kept moving, for example to continuously aerate the sample.

Types of Laboratory incubators

The most common is a benchtop incubator. These are found in most microbiology labs, and may have controls for temperature, humidity, CO2, or any combination of these.

Shaking incubators ( are a little more niche, and are used for samples which require continuous agitation or aeration.

It is also common to find cooled incubators (. These are used to mimic conditions where the temperature is lower than ambient. They may be used to investigate bacteria growth in refrigerated conditions, for example. Many incubators can now be used for both heating and cooling applications.

Portable incubators can be very useful for on-site testing and fieldwork, where it may not be suitable to set up a benchtop system.

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