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Introducing the New A&D Borealis Balance

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The new range from A&D has undergone a design overhaul, with the Borealis Series featuring a separate control/display unit, and hanging doors. The new colour scheme makes the bright Borealis stand out among the A&D crowd, but does the futuristic looking A&D Borealis balance deserve a place in your lab?

We were lucky enough to get hands-on with the Borealis this week, with Matt from A&D giving Nick the run down of all the new features. Read on to find out more.

Smart Setup and Maintenance

The BA-T Series features a visual levelling assist with easy prompts to quickly adjust the level of the balance if required. Optional internal adjustment can be used to calibrate the balance, or perform minute adjustments based on the temperature of the lab.

Impact shock detection and Routine Handling Checks

The balance detects and records any impact loads applied to the sensor, and ranks their severity on a user friendly shock scale, with impact loads of Level 3 and above being automatically saved in the Shock Detection History Log. In addition, it is possible to carry out periodic performance checks to assess handling and flag any potential for improvement of balance operating skills. Together, these features help to protect the balance from misuse, and highlight the exact time and date any potential damage has occurred.

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Automatic Hanging Doors

To minimise handling, the doors of the A&D Borealis can be opened and closed using the no-contact IR sensors. Simply move your hand over the sensor on the control unit to open the doors. The doors themselves are attached only at the top of the breeze break, eliminating the need for grooves in the sides of the unit. This reduces the risk of cross contamination and helps to ensure the unit stays in pristine condition.

Designed for Efficiency and Precision

The automatic doors and fast stabilisation time enable rapid processing of samples. The external deionisation unit and control panel can be positioned by the user for optimum comfort and efficiency. Additionally, the separate control unit reduces interference caused by pressing on the balance, allowing the reading to stabilise more quickly. Watch the video below to see how the Borealis Series compares with similar models.

Compliance and Security

In an ever more complex digital world it is essential that laboratory processes can keep up. With recent changes to FDA regulations driving more labs to report compliance with 21CFR (Part 11), many accredited labs are now looking at how they can manage the integrity of their results. The Borealis has integrated systems such as password-protected settings, compliance-ready exporting of data and calibration recording to help bring labs up-to speed.

Range of Features

In addition to the new features, the Borealis keeps a lot of the useful specs that we’ve come to expect from A&D balances. Features include a wide range of display languages, optional fast stabilisation mode, counting mode, good linearity, removeable draft shield, and a range of capacity options to suit all users.

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