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About Ohaus

We’re excited to offer a selection of new laboratory equipment from Ohaus. Ohaus are world-renowned for high quality precision balances, centrifuges and benchtop equipment. They have over 100 years in the industry, and are continually innovating. This allows them to remain on the cutting edge of the latest technology. All new Ohaus products that we sell come with two years warranty, to give you complete peace of mind.

Ohaus balances

Ohaus Laboratory Equipment

We now stock a range of Ohaus lab equipment, including balances, centrifuges and benchtop essentials such as stirrers and hotplates. We all know that getting the right equipment can make all the difference in how smoothly your lab runs. Our sales team can offer advice on which centrifuge you need, to ensure you have exactly what you need. Or if it’s balances you’re looking for, speak to us about arranging a visit to our balance showroom.

Spotlight on Ohaus Balances

Balances are Ohaus’ flagship product. It’s where they started over 100 years ago, and they remain dedicated to precision, durability and innovation. Every lab has specific requirements. Ohaus build a wide range of balances to ensure there is an option suitable for every lab and price point.

Depending on your application and budget there are a wide range of options. Choose the Explorer range for state of the art balances with exceptional intuitive features. The Explorer balances have touch-free infrared controls that can be programmed by the user. Give the balance a wave, and the doors will open without the need to touch the unit at all. They also have AutoCal internal calibration, and a modular design, giving users ultimate control over lab design for optimal productivity. We stock a good selection of balances from highly sensitive applications, to robust balances that will withstand overloading and spillages. We even have portable balances for use in the field, or moving between various labs in a multi-application environment.

Some of the features we love:

AutoCal internal calibration

Some Ohaus balances are so sophisticated they can actually calibrate themselves, freeing up user time and effort, and reducing the risk of user error. These systems have built in masses of known mass, combined with a motor system, which allows the unit to self-calibrate. This is especially useful for those working in a sensitive environment, where elements such as room temperature and humidity may have an effect on your readings.

Touchless sensors

A number of analytical balances have infrared sensors on the side of the unit that can be programmed for specific functions. This is particularly cool as it allows units with automatic doors to be open and closed without having to touch the unit at all. This is designed to minimise contamination, and reduce the risk of spills or user errors.

Modular design

The Explorer range of balances have display / control units that come apart from the main balance. The display / control can then be mounted up at eye level, or used remotely on the bench. This sounds amazing for making the process of weighing more user-friendly.

Data log

A lot of the balances have internal memory, which records time, readings and any changes to the setup of the balance, and cannot be edited. While this has obvious benefits to anyone working in applications with very strict data management, it also appeals very much to those of us who might write numbers down incorrectly, and need to go back and check after the fact! We’re loving that data can be copied to a USB, and the fact that many balances can be connected to label printers is very appealing.

Over load protection

The portable balances may not have exciting features like infrared sensors or removeable display units, but they do have overload protection that stops them being damaged even if more than triple their intended load is put on the pan. While this is useful for everyone, this instantly seemed like a great idea for educational settings where students may unintentionally over load the balance, saving time and money on replacing units or recalibrating.

We could go on and on, talking about practical design that directs spillages away from important electrical parts, easy to clean equipment, user interfaces with password protection and varying access rights, frameless draft shields and automatic doors… But why not take a look at the range of Ohaus balances and see for yourself

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