SMEG Lab Washers – Now Available at Richmond

Scientist removing clean glassware from SMEG labwasher

At Richmond Scientific, we are thrilled to introduce SMEG state-of-the-art lab washers to our laboratory equipment line-up. Contact us today to discuss integrating SMEG’s cutting-edge technology into your laboratory.

Highly Customisable: SMEG’s laboratory washers offer a wide range of customisation options, further allowing you to match your unit to your specific needs. Easily adjust wash cycles, temperature settings, and other features to suit the diverse needs of your research. Whether you need to support large vessels or micro tubes, there are racks and trays to suit every use.

Glassware washer with rack for tall tubes
Easily customise units to suit any labware, no matter how niche it might be!

Precision Engineering: SMEG glassware washers are meticulously designed to ensure accurate and consistent cleaning, reducing the risk of contamination and preserving the integrity of your experiments. Smeg glassware washers are built with high-quality materials and components, therefore these machines deliver reliable performance, even in the most demanding laboratory. For that reason, you can count on consistent results to enhance the efficiency of your daily operations. SMEG lab washers are designed to handle a diverse range of laboratory glassware. Whether you’re cleaning delicate pipettes or robust beakers, these washers provide comprehensive cleaning capabilities, streamlining the process and increasing overall efficiency.

Advanced Technology: Embrace cutting-edge technology with SMEG glassware washers. From sophisticated sensors to intuitive controls and energy-efficient mechanisms, these washers leverage advanced technology to optimize the cleaning process. Navigate your glassware washer with ease through Smeg’s user-friendly interface. Intuitive controls and a clear display simplify operation, therefore reducing the learning curve for laboratory staff.

Options available for various detergent / rinse options – Built to spec depending on your requirements

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