ScanVac CoolSafe Freeze Dryer + Welch Vacuum Pump

Includes Welch vacuum pump, sample trays and four-position manifold

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Labogene’s ScanVac Coolsafe Freeze Dryer boasts several impressive features. It achieves the lowest condenser temperature at -55°C, and its digital display clearly shows the current temperature. The condenser, made from seamless stainless steel, resists corrosion and is well-insulated with external cooling coils, ensuring low-energy performance. Additionally, it includes a built-in drain valve for water removal and a vacuum pump connection on the rear of the cabinet, allowing the condenser to cool and the vacuum to warm separately., increasing efficiency.

With a simple button to open and close the vacuum valve located on the front of the chamber. It uses a standard 3-pin power supply and has a straightforward on/off switch. The unit features a 4-position manifold, 2 sample trays, a cover, and includes a Welch vacuum pump.

Researchers, process developers, and small-scale producers will find the freeze dryer well suited to their needs. It is also highly effective for quality control, particularly for food materials and bacteria. The ScanVac Coolsafe is designed for easy operation and cleaning.


Features of the ScanVac Coolsafe Freeze Dryer:

  • Lowest Condenser Temperature -55°C
  • Digital display clearly shows current temperature
  • Seamless stainless steel condenser
    • Resists Corrosion
  • Well-insulated external cooling coils
    • Low-energy performance
  • Built-in drain valve for water removal
  • Vacuum pump connection on rear of cabinet
    • Enables condenser to cool & vacuum to warm separately
    • Highly efficient
  • Simple button to open/close vacuum valve located on front of chamber
  • Standard 3-pin power supply and simple on/off switch
  • 4 Position manifold
  • 2 Sample trays
  • Cover
  • Includes Welch vacuum pump


User Manual for Scanvac CoolSafe 55-4

Brochure for the ScanVac CoolSafe 55-4

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ScanVac CoolSafe 55-4

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User Manual for Scanvac CoolSafe 55-4

Brochure for the ScanVac CoolSafe 55-4

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