Pol-Eko SLW 750 Drying Oven

749 L Chamber Capacity, Temperature Range: +5°C above ambient temperature to +300°C.

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Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


Pol-Eko SLW 750 Drying Oven offers versatile drying capabilities, designed to operate in the temperature range of +5°C above ambient temperature up to +300°C. These drying ovens are available in two variants: SLN with natural air circulation and SLW with forced air circulation. Using a fan within the working chamber, forced air circulation ensures uniform air distribution throughout the inner chamber. This feature promotes stable operation and rapid attainment of user-defined temperatures, even when the chamber is filled to capacity. Choose from Powder Coated Sheet or Stainless Steel Linen Housing. Click here for the full range of ovens from Pol-Eko

Applications of the Pol-Eko SLW 750 Drying Oven :

  • Thermal resistance analysis of building materials
  • Testing electronic and electro-technical components
  • Testing properties of products subjected to high temperatures
  • Drying of wires of papermaking machines
  • Drying laboratory glassware
  • General aging and curing processes
  • Preheating purposes
  • Digestion of proteins
  • Drying plant tissues
  • Drug metabolism studies
  • Paper drying processes

Technical Specifications:

Air Convection: Forced
Chamber Capacity: 749L
Working Capacity: 749L
Temperature Range : +5°C above ambient temperature to  +300°C
Overall Dimensions (WxHxD): 126 x 160 x 88 cm

Compare Smart vs Smart PRO Controllers

The Pol-Eko Drying Ovens are equipped with a Smart or Smart PRO controller (Smart PRO only available with Premium Model), for intuitive real-time recording. Keep a complete record of the internal temperature, times that the door was opened/closed, and a real-time record of temperature programs for the best in record keeping and reporting. Data is presented as a table or chart, depending on your preference. The Smart PRO allows you to login to the device using a card or keyring, or even using the NFC on your smartphone. With the Smart or Smart PRO controllers able to instantly stream data to your computer or smartphone, accountability and event recording has never been so easy.

Spoilt for Choice? Compare your options:

SmartSmart Pro
ControllerSmartSmart PRO
Temperature protection class23.2
InteriorAcid-Proof StainlessAcid-Proof Stainless
Account typesUser / Admin / Super admin
Program segments6100
ScheduleNo10 saved
NetworkLANLAN and WiFi

For further technical specifications please refer to the links below.

Pol-Eko Website – SLW 750

Data Sheet for Drying Oven SLW 750 Smart

Data Sheet for Drying Oven SLW 750 Smart Pro

Comparison chart for all CL/SL Drying Ovens (Brochure page 84)

Additional information

Weight260 kg
Dimensions88 × 126 × 160 cm


SLW 750



Air Convection


Chamber Capacity

749 Litres

Working Capacity

749 Litres

Temperature Range

5°C (above ambient temperature) to+300°C

Shelves (Standard/Max)

5, 16

Maximum Unit Workload (Kg)

140 Kg


Smart, Smart Pro

Lead Time

Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Pol-Eko Website – SLW 750

Data Sheet for Drying Oven SLW 750 Smart

Data Sheet for Drying Oven SLW 750 Smart Pro

Comparison chart for all CL/SL Drying Ovens (Brochure page 84)

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