Pol-Eko KKP 750 Climatic Chamber

749 L Chamber Capacity, Temperature Range: 0 to +70°C (without humidity) or +5 to +70°C (with humidity).

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Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


The Pol-Eko KKP 750 Climatic Chamber is an excellent choice for insect breeding due to its ultrasounds-free steam humidifier. The device in the KKP series utilises Peltier technology, ensuring stable, silent, and vibration-free climatic conditions. It offers superior temperature variation and fluctuation, making it easy to use, maintain, and environmentally friendly. Additionally, its compact design saves space. This device serves multiple purposes, including conducting stability tests following ICH Q1A guidelines, breeding specific insects, housing mice, and facilitating plant cultivation. Tests at ambient temperature demonstrate the cost efficiency of the Peltier-based heating and cooling concept in the KKP. This eliminates the need for refrigerants, making it nearly maintenance-free and contributing to a better climate balance. Click here for the full range of cooled incubators from Pol-Eko

The steam humidifier in KKP models saves energy by utilizing an aluminium heating block and a peristaltic pump controlled by a stepper motor. It offers fast heating and precise water dosing, operating in ECO mode to conserve energy. Choose between a Smart or Smart PRO controller (See full details below).

Features of the Pol-Eko KKP 750 Climatic Chamber

  • Temperature Range without humidity : 0°C to +70°C (max 20°C below ambient temperature)
  • Temperature Range with humidity : 5°C to +70°C (max 20°C below ambient temperature)
  • Chamber Capacity: 749 L
  • Humidity Range: 10 – 90%
  • Open door alarm
  • LAN and USB ports for data transfer
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Test results memory
  • 30 mm access port to an external sensor on the left wall
  • DIN 12880-compliant over temperature protection class 3.30.
  • Door lock to protect against unauthorised use
  • 6 Litre container for deionised water
  • Multi segment time and temperature programs
  • Premium Materials:
    • INOX Stainless steel wire shelves
    • Interior: Acid-proof stainless steel meeting DIN 1.4301
    • Housing: Powder coated sheet or stainless steel linen finish
    • Smart PRO controller
    • Temperature protection class is 3.3 with the Smart PRO controller.


Pol-Eko Brochure

Data sheet for Pol-Eko KKP 750 Climatic Chamber

Additional information

Weight233 kg
Dimensions104 × 140 × 158 cm


KKP 240



Air Convection



7" full colour touch screen

Power Supply

230V 50-60Hz

Lead Time

Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Pol-Eko Brochure

Data sheet for Pol-Eko KKP 240 Constant Climatic Chamber

Data sheet for Pol-Eko KKP 750 Constant Climatic Chamber

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