Ohaus Waving Shaker (Analog)

Dependable 3-D waving shaker with a 2.3 kg capacity, adjustable 0-16° tilt angle, and speed range of 1-75 rpm.

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The Ohaus Waving Shaker (Analog) provides a seamless, low-foaming, 3-D wave motion within a 0-16° range and has a 2.3 kg capacity, making it ideal for laboratory applications. Analog shaker with a spill-resistant aluminium tray (35.6 X 27.9 cm) protects against overloading, signalled by an audible alarm. The applications includes mixing blood samples, DNA extractions, blotting, gel staining and destaining, plus hybridizations.

The system features a stepper motor drive, a cast aluminium housing, an included non-slip rubber mat. Furthermore, the shaker uses gradual speed ramping to prevent splashing and maintains smooth rocking with advanced motor and electronics.

Features of the Ohaus Waving Shaker (Analog):

  • Tilt angle of 0 – 16° with a stepper motor drive system for precise waving motion.
  • The shaker features a single tier and demonstrates a speed accuracy of ±1 rpm.
  • Basic control knobs and dial markings to set time, speed, and tilt angle.
  • Timer can be set anywhere from 1 minute to 120 minutes.
  • Set the speed from 1 to 75 rpm, depending on the application.
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty.


Useful links:

Ohaus Open Air Waving Shaker – Data Sheet

Ohaus Open Air Waving Shaker – Manual

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Additional information

Weight6.6 kg
Dimensions42.5 × 27.9 × 16.5 cm





Lead Time

Lead time varies. Please call for details


2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Ohaus Open Air Waving Shaker – Data Sheet

Ohaus Open Air Waving Shaker – Manual

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