Ohaus Ranger R71MHD3 Balance

The Ohaus Ranger balance features a 240 mm x 240 mm weighing platform with draft protection, levelling features, and quick access to various settings and modes.

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The Ohaus Ranger R71MHD3 Balance is equipped with a white LED terminal screen, offering a clear 4.3-inch display. It has a maximum capacity of 3 kg (3000 g) and a high readability of 0.01 g, with linearity within ±2 divisions. The balance achieves stabilisation in approximately one second.

The weighing platform measures 240 mm by 240 mm and includes an in-use cover and a wind shield for accurate measurements. For connectivity, the balance features a USB host, a USB slave, an RS-232 port for computer or printer connections, and an RS-422 port for base connections. It also comes with a spirit level and adjustable leveling feet to ensure precision. The balance supports remote terminal operation up to 1.5 meters and provides quick access to a library, various application modes, user settings, and menu options.


Features of the Ohaus Ranger R71MHD3 Balance

  • White LED Terminal Screen
    • 4.3 Inch
  • Maximum Capacity 3 kg (3000 g)
  • Readability 0.01 g
  • Linearity ± 0.02 g
  • Stabilisation Time ~ 1s
  • Weighing Platform 240 mm x 240 mm
  • In-Use Cover
  • Wind Shield
  • Interface Connections
    • USB Host
    • USB Slave
    • RS-232 for Computer/Printer
    • RS-422 for Base
  • Spirit Level
  • Adjustable Levelling Feet
  • Remote Terminal Operation
    • Up to 1.5 m
  • Quick Access
    • Library
    • Application Mode
    • User
    • Menu
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) 27 x 47 x 12 cm


Download User Manual for the Ohaus Ranger R71MHD3 Balance

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Weight7.2 kg
Dimensions47 × 27 × 12 cm








Download User Manual for the Ohaus Ranger R71MHD3 Balance

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